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Whitney Reist is a Registered Dietitian with professional chef training and author of the blog Sweet Cayenne. She is all about making good food look glamorous and loves to blog about personal style, travel, and beauty as well. If she had to pick any one food to eat for the rest of her life it would be neapolitan-style pizza and her favorite piece of clothing is her blush pink trench coat. 

Find Whitney at Sweet Cayenne.

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What's been your biggest blogging success?

My biggest blogging success has to do with learning how to shoot high-quality food photography with DSLR. When I first started blogging, I knew nothing about/had no experience with using a DSLR or photography in general. The photos I took during the first year are pretty embarrassing, but I left them on my blog anyway to showcase how much I've learned/grown since those early days. With lots of practice, hard work, and determination, I'm happy to say that photography is now my very favorite part of blogging and what drives my passion to create amazing content!

What's your best tip to succeed online?

Create amazing content that draws potential readers in and keeps them coming back for more! Being active on social media and learning the "tech" side of things is important, but content creation is where I spend 75% of my time and is always my top priority. Great content is what helps you get noticed and is always worth the effort!

What's the best way to connect with bloggers?

I love to connect with other bloggers via online sharing communities (like Facebook sharing groups) and by going to blogging conferences. I'm definitely an introvert, so I'm trying to put myself out their and connect with other bloggers via Snapchat and Twitter as well. 

How can bloggers stay productive?

I use an editorial calendar and a day planner to keep me on task. I always write out a Top 3 list of things I want to accomplish in a day. These are non-negotiable and must get done that day. Next, I will write out a few other to-do's that would be great to get that done that day if I have extra time but aren't immediately requiring my attention. Prioritizing is key!

Also, set a a specific time to check e-mail. I dedicate 1/2-1 hour of my time each day to e-mail and always save it till the afternoon towards the end of my day so I knock off those top priorities on my list early in the day. 


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