This section is all about gaining blog traffic! How to promote, gain, and sustain blog traffic is so important. So in this section we'll go over, in depth about how to keep traffic around, gain new traffic, and more. 

Keeping and Establishing Blog Traffic

One of the hardest things to do (but MOST beneficial) is bring traffic to your blog. I break down trust strategies and new methods to gain traffic to your blog. 

50 Blog Traffic Ideas

Gaining traffic is the essential ingredient for making money and gaining followers. If you're stuck, here are 50 traffic growth ideas with how to tackle each. 


Blog Boss Babe LIVE: Finding Your Community to Create More traffic and Make Money 

We've talked a lot about gaining traffic, social media and making money. But all of those things are a DIRECT reflection of how you establish your blogging community. How can you get people to buy what you sell, click on affiliate links, and keep up the traffic? This is answered in the above video. 

5:13 How to find Facebook Groups 

10:22 Inside my posting schedule for Facebook

15:08 How to use groups successfully 

15:48 How to Reciprocate to maximize the conversation

16:50 How to start your own blogging community

17:57 Focus on one platform 

20:12 Creating your ideal follower

22:27 How to collaborate

25:25 Hosting a giveaway

27:26 Guest posting

29:48 Using social media to collaborate

Blog Promotion Checklist

First up, let's outline some steps for promoting your blog. This is a handy guide on preparing, sharing, and continuing to gain traffic and new followers to your blog and social media. 


The Traffic Equation

This handy guide goes through SEO, keywords and more traffic strategies.  

Make a Blog Post Go Viral

I define a "viral" blog post as one that gives you a major SURGE of traffic and continue to bring you hits and followers over time. Here's how to secure it!

Here is what a blog post should contain. Not all of these elements, of course! But some draw to interest people: