Brand Stylist & Blogging for Business Experts

I am a Graphic and Web designer from Atlanta, GA! I design color poppin’ brands for women entrepreneurs. I love teaching and inspiring other creatives through blogging about my experience and knowledge of being an entrepreneur.  I am obsessed with bright and vibrant colors, so prepare to be blinded! 

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What's been your biggest blogging success?

My biggest blogging success is when people actually started asking me for advice about blogging and when some of my posts went viral. 

What's your best tip for bloggers who want to succeed online?

Actively engage with others in your niche and outside of your niche. Join twitter chats, Instagram challenges, and actually socialize with people! 

What's the best way to connect with other bloggers?

The best wat to connect with other bloggers i believe is through social media. The very best way is to engage in twitter chats and join Facebook groups. 

What's your best tip for productivity?

Put that phone away, eat great, exercise, and play some rap music to motivate you. 

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