12 Month Blog Domination Module 1: Work Smarter, Not Harder


Welcome to module 1! Here you'll find a video, guide, checklist and bonuses to find out how to work smarter, not harder! 

Get your next 12 months on the right track without stressing over every little to-do and how-to. I have the perfect system to help you plan your entire year and make it your best year yet!

●      How can I drum up the consistency needed to deliver valuable content to my audience again and again?

●      How can I promote my paying offers, but more importantly when should I promote (and how can I avoid annoying my loyal fans with constant promos)?

●      When will I be able to turn my ideas into programs (and when will I find the TIME)?

●      How in the world can I fit all of this into one month, two months, three months… the entire year?

●      How can I clone myself so I can get more done with a plan that works for both my lifestyle and my business?

●      How can I make this year my most profitable year yet?


STEP ONE: Find your zone of genius and learn to find your strengths

STEP TWO: Watch the video and learn to work smarter, not harder

STEP THREE: Take action with the action planner and guide

STEP FOUR: Checklist for success!

BONUS! Ready to make some real money blogging this year without having to think?! Check out the Affiliate marketing section. There you'll find a video, 25 page guide and more!