Blog Design and CSS Expert

Marianne Manthey is a web designer who teaches and inspires female solopreneurs to beautify their blogs DIY-style at through tutorials, inspiration and personalized feedback. 

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What's been your biggest success? 

I was published in a print magazine! 

What's the best way for bloggers to succeed online?

Really make the effort to connect with your audience and other bloggers in your niche. Give them warm fuzzies: Do everything you can to get to know them. Respond to their comments and questions, say thank you when they share your stuff, make them feel like you understand them and recognize them as people. And share their stuff in return (if it's suitable to your audience)!

How can bloggers connect online?

Join Twitter chats and Facebook groups for your niche. It's easy to get to know people this way! Also leaving comments and responding to comments!

What's your best productivity tip?

Batch tasks. I do most of my social media scheduling one day per week. I write my blog posts another day of the week. I work on my projects another day, etc. And save daily social media and email tasks for the end of the day.