Want to really profit from your blog or business? This is it. We are going to show you EXACTLY how to make a real income by creating and selling digital or physical products. This is the real deal!


Create your perfect product

This next section is a BIG one. This is the exact steps I used to create my products that have brought me in 10s of 1,000s of dollars. This will help you clarify your vision, find your ideal customer (do not skip this, this is literally what changed the game for me!) and of course hundreds of ideas and examples.

You’ve heard me preach about creating a product or profit driven strategy from your blog... but how can you do it?

There are lots of people out there making money online. There IS room for everyone. The difference between you and everyone else, is you need to create something that stands out. How?

Your product should be two things:

  1. Based on your unique experience

  2. Should address a need for others

Let’s dig into this.

1. Your unique experience means your knowledge, your strategies, what you’ve done in the past, your background etc. Let’s say you a fashion blogger. You’ve mastered the art of creating the perfect poses that work for every fashion blogger. Or any blogger that wants to style clothes. Why don’t YOU create an e-book, webinar, or an e-course that explains your skills, and teaches others how to do the same?

2. This should address a need. Just like with your blog posts, you’re filling a void in your readers and customers live. You’re offering a solution. This solution should be specific. It doesn’t need to be grandiose. What I mean by specific is you should target specific people. For example: you have a blog focusing on healthy eating and running. You create the runner’s meal plan. You sell this from your blog. You are targeting those that run. Not those that workout. The more specific, the better because when people feel like a product is addressed to them, they want to buy it. You’ve established a connection.

When you develop something unique for your audience they are grateful for it. The product will speak for itself and they will help you market your product because they are connected to it!

Now, read through below, take your time, and of course discuss! 


LESSON 2: The Formula For Selling Online

My secret weapon? My email list. This is hands down the only way I profited from my blog in a major way in 2015. (And by profit I mean quit my job and blog FULL time!) 

I use ConvertKit because it is created for Bloggers by Bloggers. 

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