Youtube and Beauty Blogger Extraordinaire

Kallie is the creator behind But First, Coffee - a beauty and lifestyle blog and YouTube channel.  Her daytime job in Internet Marketing gives her a strong knowledge base in SEO, web analytics and online marketing which she uses to optimize her own brand across various forms of social media. She's a lover of hot pink lipstick, a well-crafted cocktail, and dogs.

Find her at: But First, Coffee

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Her Biggest blogging success:

Sticking with it! Sometimes blogging is a series of small successes so my biggest accomplishment has definitely been the continuation of blogging, growing and learning.

The Best Way to Connect With Bloggers:

Social media is definitely a good place to start. Comment on fellow bloggers posts and get a conversation started!

Her Best Productivity Tip:

Have some type of schedule to help you tackle all your tasks and group like-tasks. I try to use one day for taking TONS of photos, another to sit down and write content, another day for editing and styling, etc.


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