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Two years ago I packed up my life in Oregon and followed my heart all the way to Iceland. You can find me blogging over at where I share stories from my life as an expat in Iceland and all the unique sights, experiences, and insider tips I discover along the way. I want to inspire others to dream big and chase those crazy dreams, no matter where in the World they may take you!

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What's been your biggest blogging success?

This year has been a big one for me already! I have had several companies contact me, many of who I am now freelance writing for, which is just crazy to me, I am getting paid to do what I love! My biggest blogging success came a few months ago when I was featured by one of the largest phone companies in Iceland (similar to Verizon) as a top social media influencer in Iceland. I got to play model for a day, which was interesting, and my face suddenly appeared everywhere,! On the front page of the newspaper, online ads, posters at the mall, it was both strange and exciting at the same time to see my face and blog name out on display. Who knew that just sitting down sharing my stories and doing something I love would lead to so many wonderful opportunities. 

What's your best tip to succeed online?

Create a space around the things you are passionate about. If you truly love and are interested in what you are writing about it will show in your writing and the followers will come. 

What's the best way to connect with bloggers?

Reach out to them! Leave a comment on their blog, tweet one of their posts, send an email, don't be shy! I used to be the person that just read blogs but never commented. When I finally started commenting I was amazed at how quickly I started connecting with other bloggers. The blogging community is incredibly supportive and I have made some wonderful friends through blogging. If there is a blogger you admire, or just want to say hi to, chances are they are going to be just as glad to hear from you! 

How can bloggers stay productive?

Figure out what time of the day you feel your most creative and work best, and then schedule your blogging time for that time. For me this is first thing in the morning so I set my alarm early and get up to get my blog work in. When I am working during my "prime time" the words just flow and I get so much more work done versus trying to force it in the evening when I am tired. Also lists, I make lists everyday with everything I need to get done. Not only does it help you plan out your day but it is so satisfying crossing something off your list! 


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