Attorney and Legal Blogging Specialist

Jackie started her blog, Jade and Oak, four years ago as a creative outlet while working full time as an attorney. She has brought her legal experience to the blogging world and now teaches bloggers how to make sure their blogs and small businesses are keeping it legal (all while making the legal jargon less scary). She is a self proclaimed crazy pug lady and HGTV addict. 


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What's been your biggest blogging success?

Recently being published by one of my fave bloggers, Mariah from I love that blogging has allowed me to meet other amazing bloggers and collaborate with them. I am also really proud of my ebook as well. 

What's your best tip for bloggers who want to succeed online?

Never stop learning. Just like everything else, blogging is always evolving and changing. Even when you find a system that is working for you, always be open to improving on it. Your blog will only become stronger!

What's the best way to connect with other bloggers?

Being yourself. I've made the best genuine connections with other bloggers when we share our unique personalities and interests with one another.

What's your best tip for productivity?

Make lists for everything. I love using Evernote to jot down what I want to accomplish each day and week. That way, when I have time to sit down at my computer, I have a game plan of what actually needs to be done.  


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