Inside my $50,000 Launch.

$50,000 in two weeks. No help. 

YES. During my course launch, I went on vacation. The only reason I could do that is because I had the systems in place to make that happen. Yes, I worked my butt off. But man it was worth it after just two weeks to make $50,000. And I am walking you step by step into the process.

We'll go over:

- Case studies

- Blog Posts

- Facebook ad strategy

- Instagram growth

- Full tech training of how to set it up

- And I'll go through the key ingredients that allowed me to feel comfortable enough to leave for a trip during a launch.

This is not your average workshop. This is a full of what you need to succeed.

I launched a course and made $50,000 in just two weeks. In this course I'm going to go over the exact strategies I use, what helped me succeed.

When I started selling courses I learned quickly that this was a great way to make money for my blog. But the strategies I learned didn't just help me make money with courses. This helped me learn what works on social media, how to strategize with my blog, and how to continue keeping my blog profitable.

I've made tons of mistakes over time, and I want to help you avoid my pitfalls, plus learn about what works when selling online.

Tools I Use:

Convertkit - this is my email software that I use and I truly beleive it's the best of it's kind. I've been with Convertkit for 2 years and the reason why I truly beleive in it is because it is built for bloggers. It makes it super easy for me to send, track, and create automated email sequences that take the work out of what I do!

Leadpages - This is the tool I use to create live webinars, opt-in's for my blog, and even use it today, for this page!! This tool is an investment, but I can't imagine not using it.

Blue Yeti - I do use a microphone to record my voice for videos. This is the best one on the market for the price.

I also use Youtube Live for the live videos -it's free and integrates seamlessly into Leadpages. I also use Chatango to create chat boxes inside my Leadpages!

I've attached the "Ideal Reader" worksheet here (it's also inside of Blog Boss Babe) to help you find YOUR ideal reader. Which will help you gain more traction online and help you make more money.