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Ellen Ross is the owner of the advice & lifestyle blog Ask Away, where she writes about a variety of topics including being a homeowner, managing money, and getting the most out of life.  She resides in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with her 4 beloved Chihuahuas.  You can visit her blog at Her first book, Fixing Your Finances, was published in early 2016.

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What's been your biggest blogging success?

When I realized my finance posts were a big hit and I published my finance book.

What's your best tip for bloggers to succeed online?

Consider your content a product and figure out how to make people want it! 

What's the best way to connect with bloggers?

Interacting with them repeatedly on social media so your face and name become familiar to them. 

How can bloggers stay productive?

Designate a few hours a week to sit down and write as much as you can. Then schedule the posts and social shares.