Your blog takes so. much. time. It’s honestly incredible that we are able to get so much done. I wanted to bring you a master list of all the tools that can help you grow your blog or business while giving you back the most important thing you need: time! 

blogging automation challenge.jpg


There is a companion video to this inside the organize section of Blog Boss Babe. But for now, let’s get back your time!


Here is the challenge:

One day, every day, for the next 7 days I want you to pick a new tool to use. Test it and set it up. I know that it will take time to do this! But once you do you’ll have SO MUCH time back!

Find the updated list of resources here or check them out below!

STEP 1: Download or open the workbook below

STEP 2: Complete the tasks, one each day for 7 days

STEP 3: Report back in the Facebook group of your progress!

Be eligible to win a $50 gift card!