Time for the challenge, Babes!

This month's challenge is all about Pinterest. There is a lot of talk (especially on our Facebook page) about Pinterest, what works, what to pin, to delete pins, to schedule and so on. I thought it'd be good to do a Pinterest challenge to help aid you in your Pinterest strategy!

If you haven't yet, the Pinterest section inside of Blog Boss Babe is loaded with content to help you succeed. 

Day 1: Update your Pinterest Profile (include keywords that relate to your blog)

What I mean by this is to include keywords, so that people can easily find your profile. Pinterest acts a LOT like Google and so that means SEO (search engine optimization) still applies here. So, you can add keywords to your profile so that people can find you and follow you. Also, if they find your profile from your pin, they will know what you're about!

Day 2: Add a link to your Pinterest on your Blog

We always ALWAYS want to make it SUPER easy for people to find us and follow us. Make sure there is a link to pinterest on your blog. This can be a simple icon or a whole widget where you can have people follow you and see your content. 

Day 3: Create a “Pin it” button for your blog

This does not need to be scary and it is SO necessary for your blogs. We want to encourage people to pin our images and awesome blog posts. Just the other day, I was reading an awesome post from a Blog Boss Babe and had no way to pin her post directly from her site! That's a no-no, y'all! 

If you haven't yet, create a pin it button for your site. Here are the details on how to do that. This is right under the first video!

Day 4: Test out using a Pinterest Scheduler

You guys know I LOVE scheduling. It seriously changed the Pinterst game for me. I want you to try out using a scheduler for Pinterest. Here are some options:

1. Buffer (free, paid for to schedule pins) This is a super easy too to use. Upload your images

2. CoSchedule - very very similar to Buffer

3. Tailwind - my all time fav for scheduling Pins. You can schedule for yourself, others, and more. I create a simple schedule in Tailwind, then add my pins to the queue. Details on how to use it here. Also, on Tailwind's site there's a simple tutorial. 

4. BoardBooster - You can "loop" pins from your past. THis is a great way to shed new light on pins for your blog. I LOVE it. I use this and Tailwind in tandem. 

Day 5: Pin from 5 other bloggers

Now that you've scheduled yourself, I want you to get practice pinning from others. Try your best to find high quality images and add in a little of your own description. Pinterest works like this: you are found more depending on the number of repins.

For example, on Pinterest if I search for "What to wear to Oktoberfest" (like I did recently ;)) It would pull up the pins in order of MOST repins. So, that's what we are after! We want our pins to have more repins. That also means, we need to pin high quality pins for others. When you pin from others, we want to make sure there is a good description, that fully explains what the post is about. This will help this pin have more repins!

Day 6: Pin 10 of your past posts

Now that you've pinned from others, pin from yourself. The same rules apply as above. Here are some tips, make sure you are pinning to the right boards. For example, for blogging, I have 21 boards. TWENTY ONE! It's a good idea to have many boards that cover many topics. This way, you can pin one pin multiple times. 

If I have a pin for "The Best time to Post on Your Blog" I can pin that to a number of my boards, including -Blog Success - Grow Your Blog - Blog Ideas and - All Things Blog.

So, the challenge is to not only pin from yourself, but make sure you have boards that correspond to what you pin. If you pin a lot of recipes, do NOT just have ONE food board. Have one for breakfast, lunch, dinner, apps, and dessert, etc. This will also help you to be found!

Day 7:  Create a Pinterest Sized Image

This is so so essential for Pinterest. Your image needs to be sized 735X1102 pixels. This is basically a long rectangle. These image sizes are proven to do best on Pinterest. Make sure your image is clear and, if it has text, easy to read. 

You can use tools like Canva (Free), PicMonkey (free), and Photoshop, where you can create stunning Pinterest images for you blog. 

There is a whole section inside of Blog Boss Babe that shows you how to use the above resources to create Pinterest sized images and how to use them on your blog. Second video on the page!

BONUS: Join a group board! This is a GREAT way to get more repins, and that is the end goal for Pinterest. Need one to join? Check out "All Things Blog" 

The WINNER will receive a $50 Paypal gift card and be announced September 30th!!

There will be a sign up sheet to submit your Pinterest links at the end of the challenge!