Author & Creative Business Coach

Alisha is an author and creative business coach dedicated to helping creative women turn their passion into a profitable online business. Whether you're just started out or a seasoned vet, Alisha's main goal is to help you gain clarity, ditch fear and begin making money doing what you love!

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What's been your biggest blogging success?

By far it has been writing my book, The Blogpreneur!! (

What's your best tip for bloggers who want to succeed online?

Create incredible content geared towards your brands focus & your target audience from the very beginning of your career! Great content is how you will begin gaining those pageviews and proving yourself as an expert in your industry!

What's the best way to connect with other bloggers?

Interacting with them via social media & genuinely sharing their work! Even reaching out to them via email just to say hello is a great way to begin building those relationships!

What's your best tip for productivity?

I would say to write everything you need to do down and then categorize that list into "must-do's" and "to-do's". Your must-do's will of course be what you focus on first and your to'do's are what can be completed later or are not as urgent.